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With the second win Sweden join Island in the Main Round

With 34:30 victory over Poland Sweden goes to the Main Round.

Everything was settled even before the game between Sweden and Poland began. Sweden were second in the Group D, and Poland didn’t have any points. They needed a miracle to qualify into the main round: 19 point advantage over Sweden. But Poland wanted to end the championship with a win. Although Sweden got an early lead in the minute four, with deep defense and quick reactions Poland made 3 – 0 series, evened things out (5:5) and the game of nerves begun. Sweden had the new two-point lead thanks to great save of goalkeeper Simon Moller at the last minute of the first halftime after team time-out.

Sweden was more dominated in the second half time and they were keeping Poland at one, or two-point distance. The first time they had three-point lead was six minutes into the second halftime (21:19). The scorer was Valtwr Chrintz who dominated in the first halftime, and by the end of the game scored eight goals. Poland’s key player from the first halftime was pivot Michal Olejniczak, who got himself three 2-minutes suspensions and with a red card left the cord 20 minutes before the game ended. Because of suspensions, Poland played 14 minutes without one player, Swedish goalkeepers had some key saves and that was it for Poland.

The final goal for four-point advantage scored Valter Chrintz and the final result was 34:30 for Sweden.

Ludvig Hallback was best Swedish scorer with nine points, and best Polish scorer was Michal Scilowicz with seven scored goal.

Best Swedish player was Valtwr Chrintz, and best among Polish players was Michal Scilowicz.

‘We haven’t played our best in this game, there is a lot to improve in our defense, we were quite good in the offense, but we are in playoffs’, said best Swedish player Chrintz Walter.

‘I’m disappointed with our defense today, I don’t have words, it was terrible. I have nothing more to say, I’m just mad at my boys. Only good point is that we scored 34 goals’, commented Swedish coach Sandberg Dennis.

‘Our goalkeepers didn’t do good at all in this game and actually, we didn’t lose against Sweden, we lost against ourselves’, said disappointed Polish player Scistowicz Michal.

‘It was a solid performance from my boys. We had some errors in defence, our goalkeepers didn’t have best day, but I’m proud of my team’, said Obrusiewicz Piotr from Poland.

Preliminary round, Group D

Sweden – Poland 34:30 (18:16)

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