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With 10 point difference Slovenia won against Poland in the Group D

We don’t know what Janez Klemenčić said to his team after hard defeat against Sweden (29:19), but it worked! Both teams have lost on the first day of M18 EHF EURO, but Slovenians were hit very hard, and they had to pick themselves up. After 60 minutes the desired win came and the result was 32:22 for Slovenia.

After the first five minutes, Slovenia had their early lead. After that, the difference just kept getting bigger. The only one that was still keeping Poland in the game was Milosz Walach, young goalkeeper genius. After the first five minutes he had four saves. But Slovenians didn’t have mercy, especially Tilen Grobelnik who had scored five goals in first 15 minutes, and nine till the end of the game.
It was 29th minute and Poland were nine goals behind. It was 17:10 for Slovenia after the first halftime.

Although they had 10 minutes to recover, the second half was similar to the first one. Poland were trying to get back. They stopped the attack from the left wing but then Teo Jezernik and Domen Tajnik got their opportunities. Poland was at a safe distance and it seemed like they were just waiting for the match to end. The final result was 32:22 for Slovenia.

The top scorer from Slovenia was Tilen Grobelnik with 9 goals while Michal Scilowicz scored 6 for Poland.

Bought of them were the best players of the match, Tilen Grobelnik for Slovenia, and Michal Scilowicz for Poland.

‘We were prepared for everything that Slovenia showed us today, they didn’t do anything new. But our heads stayed in the locker room today, and that is the main reason for losing the game’, said Obrusiewicz Piotr, Polish coach.

‘We were behind from the beginning and we couldn’t return into the game. Now we have to put our heads together and try to bounce back against Sweden‘, said Scistowicz Michal from Poland.

‘Finally, we showed real strength of Slovenia, and this is just the beginning. Now we are facing Iceland and then we will see who will go to the playoff ‘, said Grobelnik Tilen from Slovenia.

‘We were prepared for any of the Polish responses on our defense, and we have outplayed them in that segment. I’m satisfied with the win and now we are looking forward to the match against Iceland’, said Klemenčić Janez coach from Slovenia.

Preliminary phase, Group D

Poland – Slovenia 22:32

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