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Koprivnica was named after a stream Koprivnica mentioned in the charters of Croato-Hungarian King Andrew II. Arpad from the 1207., 1209. and 1217. The settlement was first mentioned in 1272. in the grant of 10-years old prince Ladislav IV Kumanec to Bakaler, the commander and the knight of the Koprivnica fortress. In 1292. Franciscans arrive at the invitation of governor Henry Gising and build the monastery and the parish church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Top attractions near Koprivnica that you must visit

Old town Đurđevac

Old Town fortress is located in the Đurđevac city center and with protected natural environment makes an intriguing and almost surreal historical,urban and architectural unity. Culturally and historically it is one of the most interesting urban areas of northwestern Croatia. Perfect location,rich history, architectural rarity and potential association with the modern way of life should beused in tourist and cultural function!

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Old Town

Đurđevački peski

East of the city Đurđevac located in Koprivnica–Križevci County, on the road to the village Kalinovac is geographic-botanical reserve Đurđevački peski, a unique natural phenomenon in Croatia. For more than 30 years, in this protected area are still visible remains of sand dunes. By gradual reforestation citizens of Đurđevac managed to calm “live and bloody sands”, as they were sometimes called them.

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Sand Dunes

Gallery of Croatian naive art

Gallery in small village of Hlebine, next to Koprivnica. The place features some of the most beautiful pieces of Croatian naive art. The staff is very nice and if in the area, make sure you visit.
Hlebine Gallery is located in the center of the village, across the municipalities and trade, and with it in Hlebine. In Hlebine can be seen fresco Ivana Generalića in the atrium of the primary school in 1954, and House Hegedušić brothers, painters, of which Krsto Hegedušić member of the group “Earth” (1929th-1936th), Zeljko Hegedušić representative of surrealism and author the first Croatian Surrealist drawings from the 1930s of the 20th century. (DJE, 2007)

Opening hours for visitors:
Monday – Friday 10:00 to 16:00 hours
Subotoa – Sunday 10.00 – 14.00
Mondays and holidays closed
Announced group visits can be organized outside working hours.

Museum Koprivnica

Admission: adults 10 HRK, children 5 HRK.

Phone: (048) 836-075
Mobile. 099 7336026

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