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Unstoppable Ludvig Hallback led Sweden into the Semi finals!

After 60 minutes long battle Sweden secured its place in the Semi finals!

It was an excellent match opening for Sweden: with two fantastic saves in the first four minutes, Simon Moller gave his teammates a chance for the lead. Ludvig Hallback and Valter Chrintz used the opportunity and one after another scored goals for the first two-point lead. Seven minutes into the first halftime and Sweden a four-goal lead. Germany’s coach Erik Wudthe called a time-out. In the 13th minute, Germany had the opportunity to cut down their deficit, but Simon Moller saved Swedish fastbreak and Hallback scores for another four-goal lead.

After Swedish player Oskar Joelsson got a 2-minute suspension Germany made 4-0 series, and 17 minutes into the first halftime they had the opportunity for a tie. But Simon Moller saved German’s penalty shot, and the result didn’t change (9:8 for Sweden). But it was the matter of time before Germany catches up. The first time Germany had the lead was five minutes before the end of the first halftime. Strong Germany’s defence and great Mollers reactions resulted in 5 minutes with no scores at all. Jesper Jensen managed to score his second goal 10 seconds before the first halftime ended, and the final result of the first half time was 14:14.

At the beginning of the second halftime, Germany took the lead but Sweden’s fast wing players Hallback and Chrintz were to fast for German players. Germany had a strong defence, but Moller has in a really good mood and wing players were too fast so soon Sweden had a new two-point lead. But Germany found a solution, a way to pass the ball on pivot Tolga Durmaz who was efficient and Germany had their first two-goal advantage 12 minutes before the match and (22:24). But Sweden’s answer came really quick. With 5-1 defence and Hallback in front, they spread out Germany’s attack and got few opportunities for counterattack. Thanks to Fabian Norsten and Hallbalck’s fast breaks they got their lead back and Germany got two 2-minutes suspensions. Germany had to play without Mävers and Köster, and Sweden used the opportunity to spread their attack with deep 3-3 defence and minute before the game end Sweden had a four-point lead and secure victory. Germany’s best player Juri Knorr score his first goal 30 seconds before the end. The final result was 30:27.

The best Sweden’s player was Valter Chrintz and the best among Germans was Tolga Durmaz. Bout of them were best scorers: Chrintz scored eleven goals for Sweden, and Durmaz scored six goals for Germany.

‘We missed some crucial shots in the second half and after that, we couldn’t come back. We have to admit that Sweden 
were the better team today’, said Tolga Durmaz from Germany.

‘It was a hard match for both teams and decision came in the last 10 minutes. It was difficult to play with 2 suspended players, 4 against 6. Congratulations to Sweden, they were great in defence and scored many goals from fast breaks. At last, I’m proud of my team and we can leave Varaždin with our heads up’, said German’s coach Wudtke Erik.

‘We have fought through the whole tournament to get in this position. Today we were better than Germany, and I hope that we can beat our next opponent’, said from Chrintz Walter from Sweden.

‘Decision before the game was to start with some guys from the bench and that was crucial for the last ten minutes when my team had more condition. Our main mission was to be in the main round and now we are in the semifinals. We did a great job, and last two games will be a real ‘party’ for us’, said coach of the national team of Sweden, Sandberg Dennis.

Main round II

Sweden – Germany 30:27 (14:14)

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