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Tight win for Russia in the Intermediate round II 

Poland lost in the last 10 minutes of the game.

Unfortunately for Poland handball game last 60 minutes, and not 50. Russia made a fantastic comeback and won an additional two points. The final result was 27:26 for Russia.

Throughout the whole Championship, it was evident that Russia was a slowest national team, so the best solution was deep defense. Amazing Polish goalkeeper  Milosz Walach stoped what defense couldn’t stop. For saves in the row, fast Polish wings, and after the first 11 minutes, Poland had a five-point advantage (2:7). Russians tried to keep up, and at the minute 17 goal difference was minimal (7:8). How did Poland answer? In the next seven minutes, they made 4 – 0 series, and secure the lead. The first halftime ended with result 11:15 for Poland.

But the second one wasn’t so easy. Russian defense was better than the one in the first halftime, and they knew how to punish Polish mistakes and lost balls. It was minute 42 when Vet Chan Suan evened the score (18:18) and then score one more point for the first Russian lead.

Poland did keep up. They had a one-point lead in the minute 48, but unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Russian took the upper hand, and The final result was 27:26 for Russia.

Best Russia player was Nikita Ilitinskii, and Poland’s best player was Michal Scilowicz. Both of them were best scorers: Ilitinskii with six points, and with five points.

‘After the game, the most important thing for our team is that we have fought till the last second. We lost because we made lots of errors and technical faults in the second half’, said Czarnecki Michal from Poland.

We lost our concentration in the second half – there were some nervous situations in which we didn’t behave in the way we should and the tactical move of the +1 in attack from the Russian team was one of the reasons why we lost the game’, said Smolarcyzk Marcin assistant coach of Poland.

‘Again, e had a great second half- After the team talk in locker room my players responded very well and put in another great comeback. After a few minutes in the second half, my players returned their confidence and started to dominate what resulted with our win’, said Russian coach Sergej Klenov.

‘After the break we thought that we could do the same as in the previous game. In the end, we won the game by one goal and I’m proud of the response from my team after -3 at the halftime‘, said Nikita Iltinskii from Russia.

Intermediate round II

Russia – Poland 27:26 (12:15)

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