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Ten-point difference and secure victory for Hungary

The first game of Intermediate round II was more like a training session for both teams. Polish player from the bench got their opportunity. Poland scored their first point after six minutes of the game. Hungary was a way stronger team and minute by minute score difference was getting bigger. It was minute 10 when Hungarian player Péter Tóth scored a goal (3:7), and because of Polish clumsy pass, Bence Bálint scored for five-point difference three seconds after that. Only Polish highlight was second goalkeeper Wojciech Borucki who saved two 7-meter penalty shoots. The first half ended with result 9:16 for Hungary.

Five minutes into the second halftime Poland’s player Oskar Baliga got 2-minutes suspension and Hungary used the opportunity to make the nine-point difference (11:21). Two minutes before the match ended Hungarian player Kerim Khalil scored for the ten-point advantage (19:29) The match ended with the result 20:30 for Hungary. Poland didn’t win any of the five matches they played in Varaždin.

The best Hungarian player was Huba Vajda and the best among Polish players was Wojciech Styrcz.

Bence Papp was the top scorer for the national team of Hungary with five scored goals, and Wojciech Styrcz was the top scorer for the national team of Poland with seven scored goals.

Team gave many balls in my hands and sometimes it worked, I scored 7 goals but it was a poor game for us’, said Styrcz Wpojciech from Poland.

‘We didn’t expect such a result, but unfortunately forus, our game plan collapsed after few games and boys didn’t believe that they can stand up and stand against the next opponents. I believe that the next games will be better for us because Poland are capable to play at the top level’, said assistant coach of Poland Smolarczyk Piotr.

‘Lose from Russia still hurts, but we are sportsmen – we must stand up at the toughest moment. We were capable of doing that and stood up with two wins in the intermediate round’, said Papp Bence from Hungary.

‘Every team has one bad game, and unfortunately for us, we had one against Russia. We played a little bit better in the last two games. We will try to do ur best in last two games’, said Hungarian coach Gyurka Janos.

Intermediate round II

Poland – Hungary 20:30 (9:16)

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