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Sweden win in dramatic finish after the final whistle

Tight win (27:28) and new two points for Sweden.

The first Main Round match in Varaždin was rough and tough! In the first halftime, Sweden were the one who dominated. Swedish goalkeeper Fabian Norsten saved first Spanish attack, and during the match, he saved three 7-meters shoots. Already after first six minutes, Spanish coach Alberto Suarez Menendez had to call team time-out because his players were two points behind and couldn’t score a point (3:1 for Sweden).

It was minute 19 when Spain had the opportunity for a tie. Swedish coach called time-out but soon after that Pau Ferre Andreu scored for a tie and Swedish player Oskar Joelsson got 2-minutes suspension. Sweden had the one-point lead, Spain was catching up. Spain had one goal lead, Sweden was catching up. First time Spain had the two-point advantage was in the minute 26 (10:8) after Jorge Perez Molina’s save. But still, Sweden managed to even out the score and the first half ended with a tie (11:11).

Spain had the one-point lead until minute 10 when Swedish goalkeeper had some key saves, and Eric Johansson and Kasper Larsson scored for one and two-point lead (17:19). Fabian Norsten followed them with 7-meters save and Ludvig Hallback scored his eight goals for the three-point lead and result was 17:20. Spain tried to keep up but Sweden kept them on the safe three-point distance for the next 15 minutes.
But then Spanish goalkeeper Roberto Rodriguez Lario with two saves gave his team a chance for the win. Eduardo Calle Redondo scored for a tie and Mamadou Diocou Sumare for Spanish lead (25:26). Four seconds before the end Eric Johansson evened out the score, Valter Chrintz forced 7-meter penalty for Sweden and few second after he scored for Swedish victory. The final result was 28:27 for Sweden. What a dramatic end of the first Main Round match in Varaždin.

Sweden’s best player was Ludvig Hallback and Spain’s was Eduardo Calle Redondo.

Both of them were best scorers: Hallback scored ten goals and Calle Redondo scored eight goals.

‘In the first half, we played good in defense and not so good in the offense. In the second half, we came in with good attacking play and scored the insane last-minute goal’, said Ludvig Hallbäck, the best player of Sweden.

‘Miracles happen sometimes. We started very well in the first half and struggled a little bit in the second, but that miracle in the last 20 seconds of the game brought the win to Sweden’, said Dennis Sandberg, Swedish coach.

‘This is game, if you lose the concentration when the match is ending, you could lose the match, and that happened to us. Sweden played really well and in the end, luckily won the game’, said best player of Spain, Calle Redondo Eduardo.

I can’t explain what happened in last 20 seconds. We had the ball and timeout before the last attack. After the timeout the nightmare started and we managed to lose. I still don’t believe what happened’, said coach of the Spanish national team, Suarez Menendez Alberto.

Main Round II

Spain – Sweden 27:28 (11:11)

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