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Sweden are new European Champions

Hallback and Chrintz led Sweden to the great win over Iceland with the result 32:27.

From the beginning to the end Sweden were playing beautiful handball. First goal Sweden scored in the 5th minute. Emil Berlin and Kasper Larsson made 3-0 series, and Fabian Norsten had four critical saves in first five minutes. The first goal for Island scored Eirikur Thorarinsson in the 8th minute of the game. Sweden’s defence was too strong, their attack was efficient, and wing players were too fast in fast-breaks. After 13 minutes of the match, Sweden maid 7-1 series and Iceland desperately needed their second goal. That was a fantastic Swedish game opening. But even better was Iceland’s comeback. In five minutes they made 6-0 series, and Eirikur Thorarinsson scored for a tie (9:9). From then on Iceland was leading only by one or two points and the result of the first half time was 12:12.

In the second halftime Iceland were keeping up with Sweden, but opponents were always one step ahead. Twelve minutes before the end, Ludvig Hallback scored his 7th goal and score for first Swedish three-point lead in the second part of the game. Coach Heimir Rikardsson from Iceland had to call team timeout. Sweden were fast in fastbreaks, and Valter Chrintz and Halback were the leaders of the overturnes and fastbreaks.
It was minute 53 when Haukur Thrastarson, MVP of the Championship, got a 2-minute suspension. That was the moment when Sweden’s player Valter Chrintz scored his 7th goal and increased Swedish advantage (28:24). On top of that Iceland’s Jon Bald Freysson was also suspended and Chrintz scored once again for a five-point lead. He was followed by Eric Johansson who scored for a six-point lead, and Thrastarson got suspended once again. A minute and a half before the end Hallback scored a goal for a seven-goal lead, and the final result was 32:27 for Sweden. Sweden are new European Champions!

Best player of the national team of Sweden was Ludvig Hallback, and the best player of the national team of Iceland was Eirikur Thorarinsson

Both of them were best scorers: Ludvig Hallback was the top scorer for Sweden with eleven scored goals, and he is also best scorer of M18 EHF EURO 2018. Eirikur Thorarinsson scored seven goals for Iceland with seven scored goals.

Iceland coach, Heimir Rikardsson: I’m very proud of my guys, we played a very good tournament. This game was not so good, we opened it poorly. We managed to equalise, I thought we played better in the second half, but we made too many mistakes. There were too many mistakes in attack and defence, but the Swedish team is great. They were much better than us today. But we are happy and proud to win a medal.

Iceland player, Eirikur Thorarinsson: ‘We are very proud of what we achieved, it was a great tournament. We didn’t start well at the beginning of this game, but overall we had a good tournament. It’s very nice to win a medal, we wanted the gold, but we were not good enough in this game.’

Sweden player, Ludvig Hallback: ‘Right now it’s amazing. I can’t believe it. Today’s game was really good, we started so well, but Iceland came together, they’re a good team. In the second half, we were a little better today and we won in the end. I still can’t believe it, I’m really proud of the whole team, coach, and everyone. I don’t know what’s next, but tonight we are going to celebrate and that’s all I know.’

Sweden coach, Dennis Sandberg: ‘I’m very proud of my players, we are a team that is very difficult to beat. We have so many players that can perform. Today we had a great defence, we read Iceland’s moves and came up with some new things. They did well in the first half, but we closed it in the second. I was never nervous because I thought we were always a better team than Iceland. I’m very happy.’


Sweden – Iceland 32:27 (12:12)

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