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Spain shine against Russia in last match of day 2 in Varaždin

The last match of the day in Varaždin Arena brought us a lot of excitement and beautiful handball. Both Russia and Spain fought until the very end but Spain took the lead early on which Russia was not able to catch, and believe us they were trying.

A game filled with penalty shots ended up with the result 15:32 in Spain’s favour.

Best Spanish player was Roberto Rodriguez Lario and their top scorer with 5 goals was Mamadou Diocou Sumare.  Best Russian player was Vadim Kondratenko while Vet Chan Suan and Egor Novokreshchenov scored the most goals, each three of them.

“In the first halfwe had a goodattack but bad defence, and in the second half, we were awful in both ways. Our goalkeeper was the best in our team and that is just the proof how ‘good’ we were on the field if our goalie is the best part of the team with 31 goals receive”’, said Russian coach Klenov Sergej.

“I had a solid game today, but unfortunately, my team wasn’t good enough. We lost by 17 goals and that’s reality. A game to forget, we must concentrate on the upcoming game against Hungary”, said Kondratenko Vadim from Russia.

“I had a great game because of my great defence in front of me. I was on fire and it was a great win for us. We are looking forward to the next game against Germany”, said Rodriguez Lario Alberto from Spain.

Youth players can change everything from one day to another. Our goalkeeper was great today and he was leading the team to a vital victory’” said Spains coach Suarez Menendez Alberto.


Preliminary Round, Group C:
Russia – Spain 15:32 (7:11)

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