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Spain celebrate 5th place at M18 EHF EURO

In the match for the 5th and 6th place, Spain won against Germany. But it wasn’t easy.

Although Germany had upper hand in the first halftime, the first part of the match ended with a tie. At the very beginning of the game, Loris Kotte score three goals from the line and very soon Germany had a three-point lead (5:8). Although Spain had opportunities to tie the result before the last minute of the first part, they were making too many mistakes. Marcos Aguilella Fabregat scores for a tie in seven minutes before the end of the first half. The first part ended with the result 15:15.

The second half was whole another story. Ruben Fernandez Dominiguez, Eduardo Calle Redondoand Alex Pascual Garcia managed to make 3-0 series for 18:15 and Germany couldn’t score a point for seven minutes. After team timeout, Juri Knorr discontinued Spanish series. But Spain had a three-point lead and while Germany’s player Reimann was sand to the bench (2-minutes suspension), Spain seized the opportunity and increased their lead. Ander Izquierdo Labayen scored for first Spanish five-point lead, and thanks to three in the row save by goalkeeper Roberto Rodriguez Lario, they increased their lead. Four minutes before the match end Spain had seven-point lead (27:20). The final result was 28:26 for Spain.

Best player of the national team of Spain was goalkeeper Roberto Rodriguez Lario, ant the best player of the national team of Germany was Ian Weber.

Weber was the top scorer for Germany with four scored goals, and Calle Redondo and Izquierdo Labayen were best Spanish scorers with five scored goals each.

Germany player, Ian Weber: ‘I think we lost our game in the second half, we made way too many mistakes, technical errors and everything. Spain had a lot of fast breaks, scored some easy goals. I cannot say I’m happy with the tournament in the end. We finished sixth, but we definitely had higher targets. Finishing sixth wasn’t that, so we are not happy. We can play better, and we hope we can show it at the World Championship.’

Germany coach, Erik Wudtke: ‘I was a match of two different halves. We were a better team in the first half, but in the end after all 60 minutes, it came down to too many technical faults. So many unforced errors in our attack, very easy shots for Spain. Today we just couldn’t win against Spain with so many errors. We are a little bit disappointed because we wanted to close the tournament with a good feeling. Congratulations to Spain!’

Spain player, Roberto Rodriguez Lario: ‘I think I had a very good tournament, me and the entire team. We are a young team, but we matured each match as the competition went along. We have finished it very well, and I am happy. I have to be ready for every shot when I’m in goal, but my defence did an excellent job today. They were amazing today, helped me a lot when we needed it. I am happy with the tournament.’

Spain coach, Alberto Suarez Menendez: ‘I’m very happy today because the team did its work every minute while on the court. It’s good for them because we grew as a team. We know our team has a big soul and a big heart, we knew we were able to fight till the end and complete a comeback against Germany. We are very happy with the work we have done here and with the 5th place. If Russia hadn’t scored that goal in the last second we wouldn’t have been able to fight for this position. I’m very happy.’

Placement match 5 – 6

Spain – Germany 28:26 (15:15)

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