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Photo: Uroš Hočevar

Slovenia beats Hungary and wins the 9th place

The last match in Koprivnica saw Slovenia and Hungary play for the 9th place.

Slovenia’s Nik Ćirović opened the match putting his team up by one and Teo Jezernik quickly added another one in a fast break. Janez Klemenčić’s team’s strong start and fast five goals (5:2) made Hungary’s Gyurka Janos call an early time out. His team executed two fast actions for a minimum difference, but Lan Grbič brought the two-goal lead to Slovenia. Kristóf Győri’s save in the 11th minute was the first one in the match as the first ten minutes saw many goals on both sides. Slovenia’s domination ensured them a six-goal lead at the half time (16:10).

Balint Szasz was precise from the seven-meter line for 16:11 at the beginning of the second half. The first ten minutes of the second half saw a lot of action on both sides of the court and a lot of work for goalkeepers. Despite Hungary’s effort to catch up, Slovenia’s domination continued until the very end of the match and they took the 9th place at M18 EHF EURO 2018 after a win over Hungary (26:23).

Slovenia’s best player was Peter Šiško and Hungary’s was Alex Bognar.

Top scorer for the winners was Domen Tajnik scoring six and Alex Bognar scored seven for Hungary.

Slovenia player, Peter Šiško: It was an awesome ame for us. They couldn’t get the lead through the whole game. I’m happy for the team, but our goal was achieved yesterday.

Slovenia coach,  Janez Klemenčić: The game was completely under our control, we scored a loto f goals, Hungary didn’t lead a minute of the game. Guys wanted to win against Hungary because of our last loss from them. We did a good job and we are happy.

Hungary player, Alex Bognar: It was a tough game for us. We lost, but we are happy to be in the world championship.

Hungary coach, Gyurka Janos: Slovenia was better the whole game, they deserved to win. We couldn’t get the lead, our defense wasn’t good and that caused us to lose.

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