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Photo: Jozo Čabraja

Russia convincing against Romania

In the second cross match for the 9-16 placement, Russia beat Romania.

Russia was a better team at the start of the game. They were in the lead 3:1 by goals from Vet Chuan Suan and Ilia Beletsov. Romania was trying hard to catch up with their opponents and they managed to do that in the 12th minute when Daniel Popo equalized (6:6). They even were in the lead (7:6) but not for long. Russia started to play better and their strong defence was impossible to break. With 4-0 series Russia took over and the result was 13:8. They even increased their advantage by the end of the first half and went on a break at 16:11.

Romania’s Liviu Caba opened the second half scoring for 16:12. Romania picked up their rhythm in the first ten minutes, scoring a goal for goal but Russia kept the lead at six scores (21:15). Despite Catalin Braescu’s goals, new Russian series forced Romania’s Jordi Giralt to call a time out in the 45th minute. The 47th minute saw a great reaction by Romania’s goalkeeper Dan Andrei Lazar who first saved and then spotted Russian’s empty goal, helping his team to decrease the goal-difference. The ten-goal difference (32:22) six minutes before the end sealed the deal for Russia – they took their first win in Koprivnica (35:26).

Russia’s best player was Sergei Ivanov and Romania’s was Catalin Braescu.

Top scorer for Russia was Sergei Ivanov scoring eight and Catalin Braescu scored six for Romania.

Romanian coach, Jordi Giralt: We didn’t start very well. Russia managed to go ahead of us in the early minutes of the game. We didn’t manage to score a lot of goals and our defence was very low.

Romania player, Catalin Braescu: It was a beautiful game. We could have given more because we worked a lot for this championship, so we are very disappointed for our losses. This is not our true value.

Russian coach, Sergei Klenov: We won, we played really well from the first minute and we managed to score a lot of goals and make a big difference in the final score.

Russia player, Sergei Ivanov: We played good, I’m happy for this win. We were definitely better than Romania and we deserved to win.


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