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Photo: Uroš Hočevar

Russia claim the 13th place at M18 EHF EURO 2018

In the match for the 13th place, Russia beat  Israel.

Israel’s Amir Shneider had a strong start scoring the first three goals for his team (3:1). Two suspensions for Israel left a lot of room for Russia to decrease the goal difference but Itay Turkenitz was precise for Israel’s +3 (6:3). Although Israel kept the lead, Stepan Sharko scored for a tie in the 13th minute (7:7) and went up by two in two fast attacks. Since retaking the lead, Israel couldn’t catch up with Russia despite the effort. Russia’s fast breaks, very precise shots and great saves by their goalkeeper Vadim Kondratenko resulted in a seven-goal lead at the half time (9:16).

Itay Turkenitz opened the second half scoring for Israel and his team picked up their rhythm but Russia kept dominating despite them slowing down. Israel’s actions in the second half were faster and better executed, but it wasn’t enough to retake the lead and win against Russia. Sergei Klenov’s team claimed the 13th place securing the five-goal win (21:26).

Israel’s best player was Kesem Amiel and Russia’s was Ilia Belevtsov.

Top scorers for the winners were Sergei Ivanov, Stepan Sharko and Nikita Ilitinskii, each scoring four and Kesem Amiel scored six for Israel.

Russia player, Ilia Belevtsov: We played really well, we won the game, but not all players showed their potential and not all of them played good.

Russia coach, Sergei Klenov: Our team did very well. Our defense and offense was good, our goalkeeper did a good job and it is all important for today’s win.

Israel player, Kesem AmielAfter the last game the plan was to stay focused, but we came to the with no energy, no nothing. We won three times in test matches and we are not happy with our result on this championship.

Israel coach, Oleg Israel Boutenko: Our team played bad from the beginning of the game, concentration and focus were very low, our victory yesterday brought joy to the team and they were all too excited to play this ame against Russia.


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