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Photo: Uroš Hočevar

Poland takes the 15th place at M18 EHF EURO 2018

In the match for 15th place at the m18 EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia, Poland beat Romania.

Poland started strong, with a four-goal series in the first five minutes. Romania’s first scorer was Liviu Caba, scoring in the sixth minute for 4:1. Although Poland’s faster pace and precise shots ensured them a three-goal lead, in the next three minutes, Romania equalised (9:9). Poland’s Filip Stefani put Poland up by one (10:9) and even a suspension didn’t make it harder to increase the lead. Towards the end of the first half, the six-goal series ensured Poland a comfortable lead five minutes before the final whistle (17:10). Aron Dedu broke their streak, but Dawid Jakubowski scored his seventh goal for +7. Despite Romania’s effort to come back, Poland had a seven-goal lead at the half time (20:13).

The first ten minutes of the second half were packed with fast actions on both sides as Poland scored five and Romania six new goals. Piotr Obrusiewicz’s team kept dominating throughout the second half while Romania was powerless when it came to their opponents’ attack and fast breaks. Poland’s convincing lead (31:21) ten minutes before the end of the match forced Romania’s Jordi Giralt to call a time out. Michal Czarnecki sealed the deal and Poland took the win (39:28).

Poland’s best player was Piotr Jedraszczyk and Romania’s was Aron Dedu.

Top scorer for the Polish side was Dawid Jakubowski scoring nine and Tudor Bogdan Bugulet and Catalin Braescu each scored four for Romania.

Poland player, Piotr Jedraszczyk: We were better the whole game, our game was good and Romania didn’t manage to score a lot of goals, so in the end, we won by 11 points

Poland coach, Smolarczyk Piotr: Our game in this game was really good, we definitely were better and in the end, we won. But we had another aim for this competition, so because of that, we are not happy.

Romania player, Aron Dedu: We weren’t united as a team from the last games, we put our heads down and we couldn’t get back on the feet and fight as a team. I think this loss is about our mentality and we have to improve it.

Romania coach, Jordi Giralt: Yesterday’s loss really destroyed us as a team, guys were stressed and sad and we didn’t manage to work as a team so we lost.


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