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Perez Molina saved the day and led Spain to their victory!

It was a rough beginning of the first cross match for places 5 – 8. In the first five minutes, four yellow cards were given. Spain scored their first goal after three minutes, and France didn’t score until minute eight. Spain had a 2-point lead after first seven minutes (0:2), and although Antoine Tissot scored for the first France lead, it didn’t take long until Spain overtook the upper hand. They were more dominant. It was minute 22 when France player Thibaut Thellier got himself 2-minutes suspension, and Spain used the opportunity to gain a two-point lead. The scorer was Mamadou Diocou Sumare, and the result was 7:9 for Spain.  The difference could be more significant because goalkeepers Jorge Perez Molina and Roberto Rodriguez Lario were on the point of the game, especially Rodriguez Lario who saved two penalty shots. But Spain were making to many mistakes, and they lost a few balls. But that was nothing their deep defence and fast overturns couldn’t fix. Five minutes before the end of the first halftime Spain had a four-goal lead. It was time for Eric Quintin to call a team time-out. By the end of the first part, France did reduce their deficit, and they were only two-goals behind, but Alex Pascual Garcia brought it back to three-point lead for Spain. The first half ended with the result 10:13.

Five minutes into the second halftime and Alberto Martin Botet scores for first Spanish five-score lead (11:16). Unfortunately soon after Juan Palomino Moron got 2-minutes penalty and France cut down Spanish lead by three goals. It was minute 42 when Sadou Ntanzi in five seconds scored two points for a tie (16:16). Three minutes after that, France made overturn and Thibaut Thellier was about to score for their one-point lead but Rodriguez Lario saved his attempt. Soon after that he saved Franc penalty shot and prevented them from scoring for a tie. At the end of the match, Isidoro Martinez Llamazares scored for a three-point lead, and the final result was 20:23 for Spain.

Best player at the national team od Spain was goalkeeper Jorge Perez Molina and at the national team of Franc that was Sadou Ntanzi.

Sadou Ntanzi was best Franc scorer with seven scored goals, and best Spanish scorer was David Roca Rodriguez with six goals.

France coach, Eric Quentin: At the moment we are still thinking about this match that just finished. Our spirit in the game was really good, but technically our players were not good enough or focused enough. We needed to play well the entire match, but we had some poor moments in the first half especially. We have a day to look for our energy because they have to win the last game. As usual, our players had a lot of responsibilities, particularly Sadou. We have to work.’

France player, Sadou Ntanzi: We made too many mistakes. We couldn’t score from some easy situation and counter-attacks. Their goalkeeper had a very good match. Unfortunately, Spain were much better today. We still have one more game to play, in two days, and we just have to win it. We are really tired, but that’s how it is in sport.’

Spain player, Jorge Perez Molina: ‘Today was a great match. I think we played like a team and that was the key. The next match is also very important. We are representing our country, our nation and every win means a lot for our country. If we play against Germany, we are going to want a win and get a revenge because we lost to them already.’

Spain coach, Alberto Suarez Menendez:France and Spain is always a big game to play. We are very happy to fight to win and for the fifth position. Our players always want to win at the Championship. We must approach the match with an attitude to grow as a team and continue winning. This is very competitive for many players. I think everybody will be tired, but we all want to win. Growth is very important for players at this age and at this competition.’


Cross matches 5 – 8

France – Spain 20:23 (10:13)

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