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Meet the teams: Group D – Poland

Sixteen players are about to represent Poland at the European Championships. They were chosen from the quantity of over 50 players born in the year of 2000 and 2001 and marked as exceptional in their club teams as well as handball schools. They build the team basis on the system of three schools settled by the Polish Handball Federation. The squad is wide open for all hard-working, ambitious and develop oriented players in Poland and with polish origins.

The players able to lift the weight of international competition and lead the team are Michał Olejniczak (left back), Michał Ścisłowicz (left wing) and Miłosz Wałach (goalkeeper).

When it comes to expectations, the head coach Piotr Obrusiewicz said: “The main goal of our team is to develop players able to play in a senior national team in few years time. To achieve our goals, the result that will let us remain in division A seems to be crucial so we can keep competing against elite athletes in Europe within the age category. Achieving our goals will let those young players gaining the experience according to demands of playing handball at a high level of performance.”

Michał Olejniczak added: “I don’t look very further. As far as now my main focus is to win the first game. Then the time will come for another game and a few other games. I don’t think about it yet because keeping our head too high and looking forward too far can make you losing focus on what’s the most important which is winning. I suppose the coaching staff needs to do it and prepare us to give the best performance at the time we need it. For me and the rest of the players, the task remains the same: play as good as we can in every game, to show the best of us. Then the great things will happen for us.”

Poland at the EHF M18 EURO 2018 CROATIA:
Preliminary Round in Varaždin – Group D:

  • Iceland – Poland / 9.08.2016., 16:30
  • Poland – Slovenia / 10.08.2016., 14:30
  • Sweden – Poland / 12.08.2016., 16:30

Past results at the EHF M18 EURO:
2016 – Croatia – 13th place
2014 – Poland – 8th place
2010 – Montenegro – 10th place
2006 – Estonia – 4th place
1999 – Portugal – 6th place

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