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Meet the teams: Group C – Russia

In the 2017/18 season, the current Russian youth men’s team participated in the number of friendly matches. In October 2017 the team played with Belgium, Romania (beating them both with the score 27:22 and 25:21 respectively) and France (the game was tied 26:26). In April 2018 the Russian team played 3 games in Israel – 2 games with the Israeli M20 team (losing both 26:37 and 32:36) and 1 game with M18 team (winning by the score 26:23). Concerning the history of participation of the team at the M18 EUROs, the Russian M18 team participated in 11 EHF Youth EUROs (missing only one in 1997). The most significant results of the team were the 1st place in 2001 in Luxembourg and the 2nd place in 1992 in Switzerland.

In Croatia, Russia will count on Vadim Kondratenko (goalkeeper), Alexandr Kovalenko (centre back, left back) and Nikita Iltinskii (left wing) leading the team.

The head coach Sergei Klenov said they will focus on one match at the time: “Our aim is to go match by match. We know that there are a lot of very strong teams and skilled players, but we simply have to do our best in every match, and if we do so, we can give every team a tough game.”

Russia at the EHF M18 EURO 2018 CROATIA:
Preliminary Round in Varaždin – Group C:

  • Germany – Russia / 9.08.2016., 18:30
  • Russia – Spain / 10.08.2016., 20:30
  • Russia – Hungary / 12.08.2016., 20:30

Past results at the EHF M18 EURO:
2016 – Croatia – 11th place
2014 – Poland – 12th place
2012 – Austria – 5th place
2010 – Montenegro – 8th place
2008 – Czech Republic – 9th place
2006 – Estonia – 13th place
2004 – Serbia and Montenegro – 3rd place
2003 – Slovakia – 5th place
2001 – Luxembourg – 7th place
1999 – Portugal – 5th place
1997 – Estonia – 5th place

Official Squad RUS

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