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Meet the teams: Group B – Denmark

The Danish team played well at last summer’s EYOF and came 5th overall. They played against France in Denmark in April 2018. It was two great practice games, that showed great promise for both teams. Denmark is also facing France at the group stage of the EHF M18 EURO 2018.

National head coach Ole Damgaard puts a lot of faith into the following three players: “Svend Rughave is our goalkeeper. He needs to perform well at this tournament. If Svend plays on a high level, that gives us the chance of winning games and furthermore advancing from the group stage. Steven Jacobsen is our strong pivot. He is a very important player on both ends of the court. He is the general of defence in our team and he must lead us forward. He can reach a high level and we need him to lock down attackers and score a lot of goals for us. We need Steven to contribute all over the court because that gives us a chance for a great start of the tournament. Simon Pytlick is an important figure in the team. He’s our captain and a great goalscorer. Simon is the main man in our counterattack and we deeply depend on his speed and a great understanding of the game.”

When it comes to expectations, national head coach Ole Damgaard is aware of the opponents waiting for them: “We are facing a very difficult challenge, but we are looking forward to playing in a great atmosphere in Croatia. We are expecting some hard-fought matches against our opponents at the group stage. Norway plays a lot like us, and that game will be a close one. Romania is a physically strong team and we have to fight back in order to win that game. The team of France is packed with talent and we are facing a very difficult task there, but we will give our best. We want to advance from our group and we are very excited to play and learn from the upcoming games at EHF M18 EURO 2018 in lovely Croatia.”

Denmark at the EHF M18 EURO 2018 CROATIA:
Preliminary Round in Koprivnica – Group B:
● Denmark – Romania / 9.08.2016., 16:30
● Norway – Denmark / 10.08.2016., 16:30
● France – Denmark / 12.08.2016., 14:30

Past results at the EHF M18 EURO:
2016 – Croatia – 5th place
2014 – Poland – 4th place
2012 – Austria – 3rd place
2010 – Montenegro – 3rd place
2008 – Czech Republic – 2nd place
2006 – Estonia – 2nd place
2004 – Serbia and Montenegro – 3rd place
2003 – Slovakia – 3rd place
2001 – Luxembourg – 2nd place
1999 – Portugal – 3rd place
1997 – Estonia – 6th place
1994 – Israel – 3rd place

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