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Photo: Varazdin Tourist Board

Meet the host cities


Koprivnica was named after a stream Koprivnica mentioned in the charters of Croato-Hungarian King Andrew II. Arpad from the 1207., 1209. and 1217. The settlement was first mentioned in 1272. in the grant of 10-years old prince Ladislav IV Kumanec to Bakaler, the commander and the knight of the Koprivnica fortress. In 1292. Franciscans arrive at the invitation of governor Henry Gising and build the monastery and the parish church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Sports hall – SDG Gymnasium Fran Galovic

Capacity: 2200 spectators


The City of Varaždin is located in the North of Croatia on the southern bank of the River Drava. The City is at an altitude between 169 and 173 meters. Varaždin is located at 16° 20’16” east longitude, and 46° 18’30” north latitude. The average annual temperature is 10° C, and the average humidity is 78%. The city lies along the Drava River on a fertile alluvial plain that slopes towards the River Drava from the southwest to the northeast. The plain slightly elevates in Haloze and Varaždin – Toplice Hills. This creates a region defined by natural borders located at the crossroads of Styria, Međimurje, Zagorje and upper Drava Valley.

Varaždin has approximately 50,000 inhabitants, and is the cultural, educational, economic, sporting and tourist center of Northwestern Croatia. It holds 11 ‘Green Flowers’, the national awards for the most ordered city of inland Croatia.

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Sports hall – Arena Varaždin

Capacity: 5033 spectators

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