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Luka Logar show: Russia helpless in front of bench goalkeeper!

Slovenia run over Russia in their last match in Varaždin!

Although they weren’t were playing at the Intermediate round II placement at the M18 EHF EURO still mattered because the first 11 nationals teams will qualify for the World Championship.

First Rusian attack and firsts save by Slovenian goalkeeper Luka Logar who came to Varaždin a few days ago because on of Slovenia got ill. In the first 10 minutes, Logar saved bought od Russian penalty shoots. After eight minutes of the game, it was 5:4 for Slovenia. Nesx goal Russians scored eleven minutes after that. The defence was amazing and Logar totally supported their effort. He didn’t let anything through for eleven minutes. Slovenia were extremely effective from fast breaks. It was minute 11 and score 8:4 for Slovenia. That was the first time Russian coach Sergej Klenov called team time-out. After five minutes came another one. Slovenia had an eight-point advantage, it was 12:4 and something had to change.

On minute break helped them. They managed to cut down their disadvantage in half. Slovenia’s attach was as lowly as it was in the first 20 minutes. Russian goalkeeper Vadim Kondratenko save a few key shots. Five minutes before the end of the first half it was 14:10 for Slovenia and the final result of the first part was 17.13. Throughout the Championship, Russia had some amazing comebacks so Slovenia had to be on guard.

At the beginning of the second halftime, Slovenia once again gained a seven-point lead. It was 20:13 five minutes into the second halftime, and Slovenia keeps Russia at a safe six or seven-point distance. Russians didn’t give up, but they have been struggling with every attack. Three minutes before the end Lan Grbič scored for another eight-point lead (27:19). Russian coach called a team time-out but there was nothing that they could do. Logar saved the last Russian attack and secured their eight-point advantage. The final result was 29:21 for Slovenia.

The best Slovenian player was Luka Logar and the best among Russian was Aleksei Chirkov.

With seven scored goals Tadej Kljun was the top scorer for the national team of Slovenia, and Aleksei Chirkov was best Russian scorer with four scored goals.

‘This win means just that we still can take our place in the World Championship. There are two tough opponents waiting for us in Koprivnica, and now we must concentrate on that’, said Slovenian coach Janez Klemenčić.

‘We had a lot of problems with defence through the tournament, but today our defence was great and my team really helped me to save so many shots. It was the first game with a good start from the Slovenian team, and with great teamwork, we managed to win by 8 goals’, said Logar Luka from Slovenia.

‘Our start was terrible, but then we started to play till the halftime. In the second half, we weren’t playing as a team, each one of us played his own game and that’s the reason why we lost the game’, said Russian player Novokreschenov Egor.

‘We missed a lot of counterattacks and couldn’t come close to Slovenia. First half was OK after the timeout, but the second half response from my team was poor’, commented Sergej Klenov, Russian coach.

Intermediate round II

Slovenia – Russia 29:21 (17:13)

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