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Israel outplayed Poland

In the cross-match for entering into the battle for the 13th place, Israel met Poland. In the end, Israel won 30:20

Israel started with their 4-2 defense and that was keeping them in the game in the first five minutes of the match. Israel had few opportunities for advantage but Milosz Walach was great with saves on the Polish side. The first turnover came in the 11th minute of the match when Itay Turkenitz aimed well from the seven-meter throw and Israel had a lead 5:4. Poland had a trouble with scoring and Israeli net was empty for eight minutes. During that time Israel scored few easy goals for 11:8. Poland finally woke up in the last five minutes of the first half and with a goal from Michal Czarnecki equalized (11:11) and the same was after 30 minutes when the score was 12:12.

The tough game continued in the second Halftime. Israel lost Daniel Mosindi due to red card start but that didn’t have a lot of impact on their game. They stepped up after the 45th minute and with three goals in a row of Schneider and  7-0 series of goals Israel entered last ten minutes of the match with 24:16. In the end, easy win for Israel with the final result 30:20.

Israel will play for the 13th place tomorrow at 15:30 while Israel will play at 13:00 against the loser of the match Russia-Romania.

Israel’s best player was Itay Turkenitz and Poland’s was Kamil Kozycz.

Best scorer for Israel were Amir Schneider and Itay Turkenitz with eight goals each. Wojciech Styrcz scored six goals for Poland.

Poland coach, Smolarczyk Piotr: In the first half it was a really close match, we were in the lead. Something has collapsed in the second half. A few moments after the break we lost ourselves, we lost our heads in the locker room. We got scared in the second half, we didn’t fight as we didn’t the first half. We scored a small number of goals and our defense was bad so it all lead to the win of Israel.

Poland player, Kamil Kozycz: The tempo of our team and the tempo of Israel team was really different. Their tempo was too high for us to resist and we didn’t manage to score a lot of goals and we lost in the end.

Israel coach, Oleg Israel Boutenko: We made good mental preparation before the game. In the first half, we needed a little motivation and we got it. We are very happy with the win. It was a tough game, although we won. Poland is a good team.

Israel player, Itay Turkenitz: We gave it all from the beginning. In the second half, it all exploded together. It was our goal to win against such a good team and we are very happy now.


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