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In the thrilling finish Iceland beat Germany and secure Semifinal spot!

With nine scores Thrastarson lead Iceland to another victory.

The last and most anticipated match was the one between Germany and Iceland . As it was expected, it was an excited and thrilling clash of two amazing national teams, but Iceland were better throughout the whole game and eventually that brought them the victory.

After two minutes Viktor Gisli Hallgrimsson had two fantastic saves, and after first 12 minutes, Iceland took the lead (4:6). Germans tried to even out the result, but 7-meter penalty save by Hallgrimsson secured them the lead. Iceland had new two-point lead in the minute 21 (8:10). German coach Eric Wudtke decided it was time for team time-out after Iceland scored for their first new two-point advantage (9:11).

Hallgrimsson saved another penalty four minutes before the end of the first half. And Stiven Tobar Velencia scored for their first three-point advantage for Iceland . The first halftime ended with the score 10:13 for Iceland . But Germany had another problem: their crucial player and best scorer Juri Knorr got himself 2-minutes suspension, so they had a significant disadvantage at the beginning of the second halftime.

As it was expected, at the beginning of the second part Iceland scored for the first four-point advantage. Iceland kept the safe lead and Germany couldn’t find a solution for left back Haukur Thrastarson who scored eight goals in 45 minutes and up until now was the best scorer of the Championship. Even when Germany would break through Iceland defense, on the goal was 2-meter high Thrastarson. So for Germany, the only possible solution was to play without goalkeeper with one more player on the line. Iceland slowly and steadily increased their advantage, and it was 18:23 for Iceland four minutes before the end.

In one minute Germany managed to score two goals. One minute before the end Germany was two points behind and Veit Mävers managed to score for only one-point disadvantage. They still had hope that they can end the match with a tie. But Iceland’s defense was unbreakable, and Iceland won this match with the final result 22:23.

Iceland’sbest player was Haukur Thrastarson, and Germany’s was Veit Mävers.

Both of them were best scorers: Thrastarson scored nine goals and Mävers scored six goals.

‘It was a tough game, Germany had the opportunity to score a draw, but we pulled great defensive play in the last seconds. Great win for us, we are one step closer to semifinals’, said Thrastarson Haukur from Iceland.

We knew it would be a tough game against the good German team. Our defense was very good without one of the best defensive players in the team because of the red card, but they did great through the game, especially in the last German attack’, said Iceland’scoach Rikardsson Heimir.

‘Both teams were very good. Maybe, in the end, Iceland were a bit better because they didn’t do small errors in their play like we did. This one goal lose is very bad for us, but tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity’, said Mavers Veit from Germany.

‘We were bad in defense in the first half, number 25 of Iceland (Thrastarson Haukur) proved that he is one of the best, if not the best, players at the tournament. Time was running up in last 10 minutes, we could score a draw, but wrong decision led to one goal’, commented Wudtke Erik, coach of the national team of Germany.

Main Round II

Germany – Iceland 22:23 (10:13)

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