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Germany uncatchable against Hungary

From the very beginning, the young German team started strong and secured several goals lead before Hungary managed to score their first goal in the 7th minute.
After Hungarian time-out, close to the end of the first half, Hungary started catching up to Germany, getting as close as to two points away, but soon Germany became untouchable with the final result being 11 points difference, 18:29 for Germany.
Best Hungarian player was Alex Bognar, who was also their top scorer with six goals, while best German player was Johannes Jepsen and their top scorer was Juri Knorr with seven goals.

“Bad game for us, it was not even close to the first game. Now we must concentrate on the next game against Russia and try to forget this game,” – Gyurka Janos (HUN) coach

“It was just a ‘bad day at the office’, we couldn’t do anything against better opponent. It’s time to concentrate on the next game in which we must reserve our spot in playoff.”Bognar Alex (HUN)

“We had rock solid defense and Hungary managed to score only 19 goals. So defense secured us a vital win today.”Jepsen Johannes (GER)

“My team was in the very good condition from the first minute. It seems that Hungary was very impressed with our 6-0 defence with great goalkeeper behind, and our success came exactly from good play in front of our goal. We have to regenerate tomorrow and then play the third match against Spain.”-  Wudtke Erik (GER) coach


Preliminary Round, Group C:

Hungary – Germany 18:29 (10:14)

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