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First Iceland’s defeat, but secure spot in the Semi finals

Although Iceland had four points and Spain had none, and although Iceland have secured their place in the Semi finals, and Spain had no chance to pass into the next round, Spain still wanted to end Main Round with the victory!

Spain have found a solution to Iceland’s attack: deep 3-3 and 5-1 defence. With overturns they managed to take the lead and six minutes into the first halftime Spain had a one-point lead. Unfortunately, they were struggling to score new points. Soon after Martinez Llamazares got a 2-minutes suspension, Iceland took the lead. They could play against incomplete Spain, but as soon their player came back, Spain came back and took over the upper hand. After Iceland’s player Tyr Gislason got suspended Spain took the lead (7:8). It was 18th-minute when Spain scored for a two-point advantage, and the difference just kept getting bigger. Spanish goalkeeper Jorge Perez Molina had some key saves, and after three saves in a row, his teammates got chance to make an even bigger gap. Fast breaks and overturns were the keys to their success. After the first part of the match, the result was 13:18 for Spain.

Spain opened the second half even stronger. With the first attack they made a six-point lead, and by the minute 40, they had seven-point lead (17:24). Spain managed to keep Island on the safe distance. The final result was 27:33 for Spain.

Best Spanish player was David Roca Rodriguez, and best Iceland’s player was Einar Orn Sindrason.

Best Spanish scorer was Ander Izquierdo Labayen with seven scored goals, and best Iceland’s scorer was Einar Orn Sindrason with five goals.

‘We have won almost every match we played in this tournament, so it’s OK to do one bad game. The good point is that all of our players had their minutes. I think that we can win the semifinals, but we need to be very focused on the upcoming game’, said Sindrason Einar Orm from Iceland.

‘We decided to rest our starting team in this game and result is pure proof of that. We have a tough game on Friday. It doesn’t matter against who we play, we will do our best to take our spot in the final game’, said Rikardsson Heimir, Iceland’s coach.

‘Due to the big error in the last game now we must fight for the fifth place. Today we played a good game, but we want to stay on the winning track till the end of the tournament’, said Roca Rodriguez David from Spain.

‘Now we are going to fight for the fifth place. We will do our best as we tried in Varaždin. It would be nice to end the tournament with a win’ 
said Suarez Menendez Alberto, Spanish coach.

Main round II

Iceland – Spain 27:33 (13:18)

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