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Play offs

Iceland into the Final with the win over Croatia

Croats powerless in front of Thrastarson who scored 10 goals. It wasn’t the best opening for the host team. They gained the lead in the third minute of the match (1:2) but strong Iceland’s defence, fast wing players, and hollow Croatian’s defence and inefficient attack resulted in Iceland’s one-point lead five minutes …

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Magnificent Sweden overplayed Denmark and enter the Final

Sweden were a little bit faster, a little bit stronger, more enthusiastic and played with little more flair. In the first five minutes, Denish goalkeeper Svend B. Rughave had two amazing saves in a row, his teammates gained one-point lead (2:1) and that was the only time during the entire …

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Serbia powerless against favorites from Germany

Nikolić’s 11 scored goals weren’t enough for Serbia to defeat Germany The underdog of the match were Serbs. But still, they were determined to challenge Germany. Nikola Ćirović and Davor Čaušević were in charge for Juri Knorr. They had to make sure he doesn’t come in contact with the ball. Still, he managed …

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Perez Molina saved the day and led Spain to their victory!

It was a rough beginning of the first cross match for places 5 – 8. In the first five minutes, four yellow cards were given. Spain scored their first goal after three minutes, and France didn’t score until minute eight. Spain had a 2-point lead after first seven minutes (0:2), and although Antoine …

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Israel outplayed Poland

In the cross-match for entering into the battle for the 13th place, Israel met Poland. In the end, Israel won 30:20 Israel started with their 4-2 defense and that was keeping them in the game in the first five minutes of the match. Israel had few opportunities for advantage but …

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