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Main round II

First Iceland’s defeat, but secure spot in the Semi finals

Although Iceland had four points and Spain had none, and although Iceland have secured their place in the Semi finals, and Spain had no chance to pass into the next round, Spain still wanted to end Main Round with the victory! Spain have found a solution to Iceland’s attack: deep 3-3 and …

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Unstoppable Ludvig Hallback led Sweden into the Semi finals!

After 60 minutes long battle Sweden secured its place in the Semi finals! It was an excellent match opening for Sweden: with two fantastic saves in the first four minutes, Simon Moller gave his teammates a chance for the lead. Ludvig Hallback and Valter Chrintz used the opportunity and one after …

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In the thrilling finish Iceland beat Germany and secure Semifinal spot!

With nine scores Thrastarson lead Iceland to another victory. The last and most anticipated match was the one between Germany and Iceland . As it was expected, it was an excited and thrilling clash of two amazing national teams, but Iceland were better throughout the whole game and eventually that brought them the victory. After two …

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Sweden win in dramatic finish after the final whistle

Tight win (27:28) and new two points for Sweden. The first Main Round match in Varaždin was rough and tough! In the first halftime, Sweden were the one who dominated. Swedish goalkeeper Fabian Norsten saved first Spanish attack, and during the match, he saved three 7-meters shoots. Already after first …

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