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Intermediate round II

Luka Logar show: Russia helpless in front of bench goalkeeper!

Slovenia run over Russia in their last match in Varaždin! Although they weren’t were playing at the Intermediate round II placement at the M18 EHF EURO still mattered because the first 11 nationals teams will qualify for the World Championship. First Rusian attack and firsts save by Slovenian goalkeeper Luka …

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Ten-point difference and secure victory for Hungary

The first game of Intermediate round II was more like a training session for both teams. Polish player from the bench got their opportunity. Poland scored their first point after six minutes of the game. Hungary was a way stronger team and minute by minute score difference was getting bigger. …

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Hungarian domination in the Intermediate round II

Hungary crushed Slovenia in the first part, and the final result was 29:20 for Hungary. After they didn’t qualify for the main round, the question was: ‘Is Hungarian willpower crushed?’ But soon after the game started, they reassured us. They didn’t allow Slovenia to score a goal until minute five. …

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Tight win for Russia in the Intermediate round II 

Poland lost in the last 10 minutes of the game. Unfortunately for Poland handball game last 60 minutes, and not 50. Russia made a fantastic comeback and won an additional two points. The final result was 27:26 for Russia. Throughout the whole Championship, it was evident that Russia was a slowest national team, so …

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