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Intermediate round I

Norway secure a win against Israel

The clash between Norway and Israel saw Anstein Engravslia’s team coming out as winners. Norway’s Kristian Larsen scored the first goal in the match and Viktor Petersen quickly added two more. First Israel’s score happened in the fifth minute thanks to Itay Suissa. Norway quickly found an answer to Israel’s deep …

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A win for Portugal in a thrilling finish

The first match of the day in Koprivnica was between Romania and Portugal. Martim Costa opened the match scoring in Portugal’s first action. Romania’s Catalin Braescu brought a tie, but Portugal furiously returned the favour with four precise shots. Andre Mitu broke their streak but it didn’t take long for …

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Norway beat Portugal in a tense finish

Portugal and Norway played the second match in the Group 1 of the Intermediate Round in Koprivnica. Portugal’s Carlos Oliviera and Norway’s Andre Kristensen had their first saves at the beginning of the match. The first scorer was Henning Knutsen for Norway from the seven-meter line. After Kristensen’s saved penalty, …

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Israel wins against Romania

The first match of the day in Koprivnica saw a clash between Israel and Romania. Israel’s Yonatan Dayan scored the first goal in the match but Andre Mitu brought the first tie in the game scoring from Romania’s first attack. After five minutes of goals on both sides, Kesem Amiel …

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